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How do I pay the rent a goalie?

The time test method of payment by cash paid directly to the goalie at the time of the game works, but alternatively you can e-transfer payment to stephen@goaliestogo.com.

How long will it take to confirm a goalie?

If you send an email or fill out our online form, we will get back to you by email in less than 2 minutes. However, if you must call we try to get back to you within 5 minutes.

What is your cancellation policy?

As part of our service we do not charge for cancellations unless it is within 2 hours of game time.  We require time to notify the goalie. Some start times and locations require close to two hours notice. If the goalie does show up we ask that you compensate them $20 for their time and effort.

Is there any kind of guarantee? What if the rent a goalie just plain sucks?

Keep in mind anyone can have a bad game, but if you’re not happy with any aspect of our service, let us know and we’ll make that your concern is addressed. To eliminate this problem we evaluate all our goalies before they join our team, so we know exactly what level they’re capable of playing.

What if I want the same goalie as the last time?

No problem, in fact we encourage it! Just ask your goalies name and the next time you call, we will do our best to send the same goalie.

When do surcharges apply?

Games before 8am or after 11pm, games outside the GTA or short notice requests, we will charge an additional fees depending on the situation.

Don’t have a regular goalie; can one be rented for the whole season?

Absolutely! Give us a call and we can arrange a discounted rate depending on the number games.

If your question has not been answered, please email stephen@goaliestogo.com or call, (416) 268-8841 and we’ll be happy to get back to you asap.

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