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Welcome to the New Goalies To Go

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More Goalies to Fill Your Games

We have added more goalies of various skill levels to fill your net!

Faster Response Times

Just like our reflexes we will respond quickly to save your games!

Canada's #1 Goalie Rental Service!

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The #1 Canadian Rent A Goalie Service
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  • All requests are seen immediately, so rest assured we are working on it.
  • All requests will be replied to by email.
  • If a phone call is required, indicate this in the comments section. If you require a phone call it may take longer than by email. Alternatively we can respond by text message if you are not around a computer.
  • Most games get filled within minutes, but there are times it could take longer. If you are getting anxious just send us an email and we’ll give you a report on where we are with your request.

Cancellation Policy

If you happen to find a goalie before we get back to you that is fine, but please let us know by email or text. We trust you understand that our goalies are taking time out of their schedule to get to your game, often on very short notice. As such, we ask you to respect our 2 hour policy. Please do not cancel a goalie within 2 hours of your skate. If a Goalies To Go® goalie shows up to the rink and you have found a replacement without cancelling through our company or within two hours of your start time we ask that $20 be paid to the goalie for their effort, time and travel costs.

WE ARE FAST!!! If you don’t receive a reply from me within a couple of minutes saying “working on it” then send an email to Stephen@goaliestogo.com or text me at 416-268-8841


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