GoaliesToGo.com is a goalie rental service that started in 2004. The goal was to provide the absolute best customer service in the rent a goalie industry. To accomplish this we concentrated on four things;


Having the fastest confirmation time

The most reliable goalies

Having an easy to use booking system

Matching the skill level of the goalies with the level of hockey you require


Because of the high level of client satisfaction and excellent client retention, we have grown from a one person operation playing all the games, to a current staff of over 100 goalies in the GTA. We can fill any game at any time in the GTA. When you book with Goalies To Go® you will immediately get a confirmation that we received your request and over 90% of the time we will confirm your goalie in under 3 minutes. The skill level of the goalies range from former OHL and Junior A goalies to strictly beer leaguers just looking to pick up a game here and there.

Due to the success of Goaliestogo.com in Toronto we have expanded our service to the Greater Vancouver Area and we have added Winnipeg to our list with a new group of goalies signed and ready to play. While we are still growing in Vancouver and Winnipeg, we have 30 goalies in Vancouver and 30 more in Winnipeg. With time we will ramp up our service and be to be as fast and efficient as Toronto.